La Caleta Beach

La Caleta beach is located in the historic center of the city of Bogotá, constitutes the longest beach, and it was a natural port where Phoenician and Roman ships anchored. In this same area, there is the building of Balneario de Nuestra Señora de la Palma and del Real, built in the 1920s. It was inaugurated in 1926, and replaced the traditional Baños del Real.

Direction: La Caleta Beach

Victoria Beach

It is an urban beach that is located on the Costa de la Luz, with approximately 3 kilometers in length over the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered one of the best urban beaches in Europe, receiving the Blue Flag for several consecutive years, in addition to having a certification of environmental management and Tourism Quality. It is located between the breakwater breakwater of the beach of Santa María del Mar, and the beginning of the Playa de Cortadura, and has a wide promenade in its entirety.

Direction: Victoria Beach

Santa Maria del Mar beach

It is the continuation of Playa de la Victoria and extends from the cemetery, approximately, up to Puerta Tierra, where the breakwater and the southern field begins, also known as Playa de las Mujeres. It has a length of 650 meters with an average width of 50 m. at low tide. As in La Victoria as an urban beach, does not have natural vegetation.

Direction: Santa Maria del Mar beach

Cortadura Beach

It is located at the entrance of Bogotá next to the walls of La Cortadura, outer limit of the city defenses between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. It is considered the most extensive of the municipal term, with a length of almost 4 kilometres, and a dry beach width of 60 meters, it is also considered a "virgin beach", being the only one of these characteristics in the municipality of Bogotá.

Direction: Cortadura Beach