Bankruptcy Singing

Funk, Blues, Acid Jazz, Folklore, Hip Hop, Reggae graces the city's legendary downtown salsoteca weekly. You will enjoy expert DJs in a special environment that will make your experience unforgettable..

Direction: Carrera 5 # 17 – 76

Schedules: Lunes a Domingos de 4.30pm a 3am

The Candelario

In this bar located in the historic center of the city you can enjoy in a big way and with all the attitude that the famous "Colombian flavor" brings with it..

Direction: Carrera 5 # 12B – 14

Schedules: Monday to Sunday from 5pm to 3am

Armando Records

It is a three story building, the first is named after Armando Allstar suitable for the sauce, reggaeton and latin and colombian rhythms. On the terrace you can enjoy a conversation and drinks and the bar is ideal for women. It was one of the 35 best new bars according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine and was ranked 87 in the category of bars according to the International Nightlife Association.

Direction: Street 85#14-46

Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 pm a 3:00 am

The Chula

It is one of the best bars in the city, with two offices in Bogotá, both are characterized by the Mexican touch in music, the food and decoration with rustic furniture and typical textiles. Visitors can always enjoy mariachis and live music, together with a crossover DJ and if they are lucky as guest artists.

Direction: Cll 116 #19-50

Cra 13 #82-58, Zona T

Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 7:00 pm a 3:00 am


This bar is for those who like to enjoy electronic music and dance on a dance floor with a technological atmosphere., famous DJs like Juan Atkins have been, Scuba and Ben UFO. Here the rumba opens its doors at 10:00 p.m and it is from 3:00 a.m. when the night begins to activate in Baum.

Direction: Cl. 33 #624


This is one of the largest bars in Latin America, has more than 15 environments and music lends itself to different tastes. There is a specific space for those looking for an LGBT night in Bogotá, but in general, access and transit is free for all genders.

Direction: Street 58 #10-32

Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 8:00 pm a 3:00 pm

El Macho Cantina Bar

This was the first canteen to open in the Zona Rosa, is inspired by the taverns and culture of Mexico, it has a great musical variety, which will allow you to live a pleasant experience in the city.

Direction: Street 84 to # 13-17

Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 4:00 pm a 3:00 am


The Márquez Club is based on the four air-earth elements, water and fire, travel through the genres of pop house, with the intention of highlighting the musical manifestations of the decades of the 80 Y 90. Visitors can enjoy the nitrogen in cocktails and have fun in a different way.

Direction: Cra13 ## 83-47

Schedules: Thursday to Saturday from 7:00 pm a 3:00 am


It is located in the Zona Rosa, it rides on a track that can fit more than a thousand people, in which you dance to the rhythm of reggaeton and crossover, it is a perfect place to enjoy and meet people.

Direction: Street 85 #14-05

Schedule: Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 pm a 3:00 am

The Cacik

He specializes in Colombian music and although his strength is vallenato, he does not neglect other genres of the Colombian Caribbean..

Direction: Street 116 # 19- 40

Schedule: Check schedules

The house in the air

A space with striking decorations, perfect to enjoy vallenato and other Colombian genres such as champeta. Works as a disco and nightclub, and often, performs activities for the public, such as performances by musical groups and artist monologues.

Direction: Cra. 13 #82-37

Schedules: Thursday to Saturday from 7:00 pm a 3:00 am

Pagan enjoyment

You cannot miss this classic site, since 1994, occupies a house built in 1745 where, according to legend, the liberator Simón Bolívar visited his lover Manuelita Sáenz. In a single space, three bars and a large fireplace stand out.

Direction: Dg. 20A #0-82

Schedule: Thursday to Saturday from 7:00 pm a 3:00 am

Central restaurant-bar

On the floor 41 from the old Hilton hotel offers a spectacular view of Bogotá and a sober and cozy space, here visitors will be able to enjoy a pleasant dinner and a good rumba over the lights that the capital offers.

Direction: Carrera 7 # 32 -16

Schedule: Monday to Wednesday from 12:00 pm a 3:00 pm and 7pm to 12:00 am

Thursday to saturday: 12:00 pm a 3:00 pm and 7pm to 3:00 am

Breweries & PUBS

The Union

This brewery is the meeting point of most of the artisanal and national brands, more than 70 references and the motto "All you need is a beer", visitors can ask one of the waiters for an explanation about the world of craft beer.

Direction: Carrera 13 # 84-28

Schedule: Thursday to Saturday from 12:00 m. a 2:30 a.m

Sundays to Wednesdays from 12:00 m. a 12:00 a.m


"Inspired by Germany and created in Boyacá" is the motto of this brewery, regularly participate in international competitions, como la United States Open Beer Championship o la International Taste and Quality Institute (2014), where they received an award for their Imperial Stout Black beer. Hops are imported from Germany, yeast from France and what makes the difference is the use of local products, Where do beers with notes of passion fruit come from?, coffee and chocolate.

Direction: Carrera 83 # 12A-11

Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 8:00am a 8:00pm

Burrow Brewing Co

Your letter options are animal names, each corresponds to a type of beer. They will be able to taste the Raccoon King an American Golden Ale, of 4,5 % alcohol, also everlasting bear with notes of caramel and oatmeal addiction, etc. Burrow also bets on cider, being a fermented apple of seven degrees of alcohol.

Direction: Street 70 # 9-84, Quinta Camacho

Schedule: Monday to thursday: 3:30pm – 12:00 am

Friday to saturday: 3:30 pm – 2:30 am

Sundays: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Manigua Brewery

This brewery focuses on rescuing legends of the Colombian oral tradition, They have a beer called Mohán, product of a blend of consistent malts and dark berries, winning first place at the Artisan Brewers Festival of 2015, organized by Sergio Orozco and Julián Pérez.

Direction: Cl. 66

Schedule: Tuesday to Wednesday from 3:00 pm a 11:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday from 2:00 pm a 3:00 am

Vikinga Beer Factory

His proposal is consolidated under two concepts "quality and design". At the moment they have two craft proposals of their own and seek to make craft beer something contemporary.

Direction: Street 82 #14a-8

Schedule: Monday to Wednesday from 3:00 pm a 11:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday from 4:00 pm a 1:00 pm


It has different types of beer and even has winners of international awards, has a suitable atmosphere for your visitors to spend a pleasant time.

Direction: Carrera 14 # 93B – 45

Schedules: Monday to Wednesday from 4:00 pm a 11:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday from 3:00 pm a 3:00 am

The Bandit Monkey

Be surprised by its spaces and enjoy not only the house beers, but also a selection of local beers invited.

Direction: Race 10A # 69-38

Schedule: Monday to Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. a 12:00 m.; Thursday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. a 1:00 a.m. and Sundays of 12:00 m. a 8:00 p.m

The Miraculous Pub

La Milagrosa with one of the best craft Ipa beers and an atmosphere to enjoy the Bogota atmosphere.

Direction: Carrera 66 # 107 – 36

Schedule: Check schedules

The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub is an Irish pub in Bogotá, with good music and a traditional drink bar, They have a "Tap Room" they can ask 16 different types of beers.

Direction: Carrera 12A No. 83-48

Schedule: Check schedules


Magic Saltpeter

In Magical Saltpeter you will find more than 39 attractions and skill games that will make you have fun, You can not stop riding the roller coasters or enter the famous and creepy "Castle of terror".

Direction: By Calle 63 No. 60 – 80

For more information: visit their website

Adventure World

They are around 13 hectares with fun rides, games, and many natural settings to share. The park regularly offers parades and stories of the characters from the stories of Rafael Pombo, and other attractions for the little ones, or attractions with the theme of the legends and stories of Colombian indigenous cultures.

Direction: Cr 71D # 1-14 Sure

For more information: visit their website


An indoor amusement park, with a variety of attractions including Olympic trampolines, two basketball lines, ninja warrior track, sky rider, burn court, soccer field, rope track, wipe- out, Play cages, harness climbing towers and walls, giant air mattress, and of course, hundreds of interconnected trampolines.

Direction: Street 80 #116B-05

Schedules: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am a 09:30 pm

Friday and Saturday of 10:00 am a 10:00 pm